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NB hotel offers 2 seminar and banquet halls. Restaurant hall is ideal place for anniversary parties, wedding, and corporate events.

Hall Nr1.

Banquet hall is suitable for more than 150 people. The banquet hall is spacious enough to set a rich table for dinner and still have enough place for dancing and any other entertainment. Next to the hall there is an inner yard where guests can enjoy their talks in a fresh air. Many wedding parties, corporate events, birthday parties and also parties for children have taken place in our banquet hall. We offer a great choice of traditional menu, the menue is coordinated with each client individually:

Hall Nr2.

Hall Nr2 is suitable for seminars and events for more than 70 people. Chairs and tables are easy to transfer according to wishes of clients. The hall has all necessary equipment for such kind of events.

We look forward to welcoming you to NB Hotel Restaurant

Restaurant Manager Olga Brauere
Phone +371 26254743,
E-mail: [email protected]

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